So I’m doing a chronological read through of the Bible. Because I lack discipline, after a month and a half, I’m still in Genesis, but that’s not the point. The point is really reading it, not finishing it. What is really going

on? Why are these people doing this, and going there, and staying here? To be honest I find it all very confusing. I know there is a lot about ancient Hebrew culture that I don’t understand, but some of it is downright odd.

People seemed to use their children at best as leverage to get what they need and commonly as bargaining chips.The death, deceit, trickery, and betrayal is striking. I know these stories, but to read it all through as one story highlights to strangeness.

The beginning is beautiful. An all consuming God creates. He creates the skies, the sun, the moon, the forests, beasts, waters and his beloved. But we quickly see our fallen nature. Adam and Eve succumb to deceit, cease trusting their creator and sin enters in. And as good and faithful as humanity tries to be, deceit and faithlessness in God and in humanity pervades.

So what do I do? Sit back and judge Isaac? Talk about how much better I am than Abraham? Absurd. I guess, if I am honest about what I believe, I need to recognize that their story is my story. That doesn’t mean that I am doomed as well as blessed to make the same choices. It means that I am part of something huge. God didn’t put Abraham, Isaac and Jacob on this earth and bring them through all he brought them through to teach me a lesson. He put them here because he loves them and wants them to live a passionate life with him just as he does me. So what does it mean? Not the right question. What is it calling out of me? There’s the rub.


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