Here you will find sermons I’ve preached from the church I serve, Rosemount United Methodist Church. Just click on the sermon title and it will direct you to the audio file on Rosemount UMC’s website. Come check us out some Sunday!

10.14.12: “The Life You’ve Always Wanted VI: A Well Ordered Heart

09.16.12: “The Life You’ve Always Wanted II: Slow to Celebrate

09.02.12: “How They Prayed V: Jesus Went Away

08.05.12: “How They Prayed II: Job’s Lament”

07.08.12: “Songs of the Faith II: Songs of Personal & Social Holiness”

07.01.12: “Songs of the Faith I: More Than Words Can Tell”

05.06.12: “The Gathering”

04.15.12: “So, Now What?”

03.25.12: “24 Hours that Changed the World: Picking Up The Cross”

02.26.12: “24 Hours that Changed the World: The Last Supper”

01.29.12: “The Psalms: Language of the Heart”

01.15.12: “Poured Out” We opened up the year by examining our mission statement: Seek. Serve. Celebrate. Borrowing from ideas that Kenda Creasy Dean brought to our Annual Conference this year, I dig into what it means to be a people who serve, not just go on mission trips and service projects.

12.04.11: “Prepare the Way” This message comes on the second Sunday of Advent, where the prophet Isaiah tells us to “prepare the way” for the coming King. What does it mean that we have prepare the way for Jesus? Doesn’t he just show up?

11.13.11: “Healthy Finances”  This sermon came in the context of our Stewardship Campaign. Here I examine what this whole “you can’t serve both God and Mammon” thing is all about. I tried to present an idea to think and talk about more than teach doctrine here. Many may disagree and that’s okay.

10.16.11: “Get Out of the Boat.” Jesus walks on water. So does Peter. Woah. What’s that all about?

10.02.11: “Creates. Loves.Restores.” On World Communion Sunday we examine the world that God created, God loves and God plans to restore.

09.25.11: “Seeking & Saving” Remember that story of the wee little man called Zacchaeus? Remember how at the end of it Jesus says “the Son of Man came to seek and save what was lost”. What’s that all about?

09.04.11: “Both/And” This sermon is the conclusion of the Acts series. The sermon title had to get entered early and the sermon took on a life of its own and end up not really tying into the title. Oh well…

08.21.11: “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” Here the Apostle Paul continues on his wild missionary journeys.But what about us? How do we live a missional life in 21st century America? Well there’s no one definitive formula for that, but here are some thoughts…

07.17.11: “Transformation” Here we look at the story of Saul’s Conversion. If Saul can change, anyone can change. It is a great lie in our culture that “people can’t change”. In this sermon we give room for some our community’s Senior High Students to teach us about how people actually can change as they share their stories from a recent trip to Colorado.

06.19.11: “Be Bold: It’s Bigger Than You Think” (the sermon title on the website is incorrect). Continuing on in the “Acts: A New Community series”, here we examine just how big this whole thing is. We’re not just forming an organization, we’re forming a community of God. That means we can be bold and do bold things.

06.12.11: “Church.” Due to the nature of this week’s service, this sermon is a bit abbreviated, but hopefully to the point. It’s part of our Acts series and it just so happened to fall on Pentecost Sunday. Here I explore not so much what happened on Pentecost but why it happened.

05.15.11: “By Their Fruit” Have you ever seen a “Christian” who doesn’t seem very “Christ-Like”? Have you ever seen a “Non-Believer” who does seem “Christ-Like”? How do we reconcile this? What do you do about this?

04.17.11: “One Day, Two Songs” Palm Sunday is one of the more curious days on the Christian calendar. At one level it’s a great day of celebrating Jesus’ Kingship. On another level it’s a haunting day about just what kind of King this is and how we will treat him. Pastor Karen and I share the pulpit today as Karen looks at Palm Sunday from Jesus’ view and I look at it from the crowd’s view. I love being able to experiment and partner with people in endeavors like this. It’s one of my favorite parts about what I do.

04.10.11: “Encounters With Christ: Mary and Martha Are Comforted” Mary and Martha grieve the loss of their friend Lazarus. Jesus appears to have come too late- the 4th day, not the third. Even though “the day God shows up” has come and gone, there is still hope.

03.27.11: “Encounters With Christ: The Woman at the Well” The story of the woman at the well is among my favorites in all of scripture. To fully examine it would require at least four sermons, I believe. In this encounter with Christ we look at this story’s implications on worship, how we do it and why we do it.

03.09.11: Ash Wednesday Pastor Karen put this service together and it was one of the most moving services I’ve ever been a part of. Karen did most of it, but we worked together to carve out readings on various moments in Jesus’ life through the eyes of Mary.

03.06.11: “Living on the Rock” This wrapped our “Sermon on the Mount” series, and I guess you could say it wrapped up Jesus’ sermon on the mount. Strangely enough, this passage is not found in the common lectionary. It seems like such a key passage to be missing. The rest of the series came from the lectionary, but this one did not. We just thought the series would be incomplete without this passage.

02.20.11: “Love Your Enemies” Much of this was ripped off from a teaching I heard from Rob Bell. I think and hope I gave him credit. The implications of this passage are among the most piercing in all of scripture.

02.06.11: “Go Play the Game” Here we wrap up our “Get in the Game” series. This was sort of a coach’s pre-game speech to fire up the team for the big game. God has much more in mind than for us to merely be a group of fans of Christ gathering together to make some noise. God wants on the field.

01.16.11: “Who is Your Coach?” This was part of our “Get in the Game” series where we looked at the life of sports and its parallels to discipleship. One of the keys to being good athlete is listening to your coach. So who is our coach? Are we listening?

01.02.11: “New Year’s Revolution” The Wise Men are among the most  famous figures in scriptures. We see them on Christmas Cards and in nativity scenes, and they are often attached to sentiments of peace, and rightly so. Is it possible, however, that they also inadvertently became part of revolution?

12.19.10: “Walk in the Light” Prior to the coming of Jesus, Israel was in a dark place. But on the horizon was light. When our world seems dark, can we find the light? And do we have the courage to not just look at it, but walk in it?

11.07.11: “The Prodigal God: The Elder Son” Check out Timothy Keller’s Prodigal God. This sermon comes out of a series based on that book. I believe this book to quietly be one the most important in contemporary Christianity.

10.17.11: “The Forgiveness Project: Seeking Reconciliation” We wrap our series on forgiveness by looking at the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

10.10.11: “The Forgiveness Project: Forgiveness in Families” Forgiving is often harder when we do it with those who know us best. Families are messy. They just are. To address this we look at Joseph and his brothers- talk about a mess…

09.19.11: “The Forgiveness Project: Transforming Anger” What happens when we are wronged and there is no one at fault- when life just crashes in? Or when we are so angry that forgiveness is the last thing we can do. The Psalms give us a great model for what to do with our anger.

08.22.11: “See.” This was my first sermon at Rosemount UMC. Jesus sees a crippled woman in the temple on the sabbath. Violating sabbath laws he heals her. What do we see?